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Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegija

Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegija, PE

Vilnius College of Technology and Design is a college of engineering sciences and arts. VTDK was formed in 2008. July 23 After connecting the Vilnius Technical College to the Vilnius Construction and ...

Public Administration
248 employees
Antakalnio g. 54, LT-10303, Vilnius
2305 € (on paper, GROSS)
Pieno žvaigždės filialas Panevėžio pienas

Pieno žvaigždės filialas Panevėžio pienas, JSC

"Panevėžio Pienas" uab is a branch of AB "Pieno Žvaigždės" in Panevėžys that produces food products from milk.

Food Industry
517 employees
Tinklų g. 9, LT-35115, Panevėžys
1401 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas | VGTU | Vilnius Tech

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas | VGTU | Vilnius Tech, PE

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) is creating for tomorrow, it is staffed by INNOVATORS with a vision of the future, who shape trends in various fields. INNOVATORS in information t...

Public Administration
1576 employees
Saulėtekio al. 11, LT-10223, Vilnius
2528 € (on paper, GROSS)
Respublikinis priklausomybės ligų centras

Respublikinis priklausomybės ligų centras, SE

The Republican Center for Addiction Diseases (RPLC) is a treatment facility that provides science-based and effective medical, psychological and social services to people suffering from addiction and ...

384 employees
Gerosios Vilties g. 3, LT-03147, Vilnius
1967 € (on paper, GROSS)
Panevėžio rajono savivaldybės poliklinika

Panevėžio rajono savivaldybės poliklinika, PE

The main objective and tasks of the Panevėžys district municipal polyclinic are to take care of the health of the Lithuanian population, reduce the morbidity and mortality of the population, and provi...

278 employees
A. Jakšto g. 4, LT-35138, Panevėžys
2212 € (on paper, GROSS)
LMTA | Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija

LMTA | Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija, PE

The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater is the country's main higher education institution that prepares performing arts professionals. The history of the Academy is inseparable from the origins o...

Public Administration
696 employees
Gedimino pr. 42, LT-01110, Vilnius
1310 € (on paper, GROSS)
Pieno žvaigždės filialas Mažeikių pieninė

Pieno žvaigždės filialas Mažeikių pieninė, JSC

"Mažeikių pieninė" UAB is a branch of AB "Pieno Žvaigždės" in Kaunas that produces food products from milk.

Food Industry
366 employees
Skuodo g. 4, LT-89100, Mažeikiai
1429 € (on paper, GROSS)
Euromonitor International - Eastern Europe

Euromonitor International - Eastern Europe, JSC

Euromonitor International is the world's leading independent provider of strategic market research. We create data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world.

208 employees
Jogailos g. 4, LT-01116, Vilnius
4213 € (on paper, GROSS)
KLASCO | Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija

KLASCO | Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija, SC

Klaipėda Sea Cargo Company AB (KLASCO) is the most diversified cargo company in the port of Klaipėda, one of the largest companies in the Baltic States by turnover. Founded three decades ago, KLASCO,...

Transport, logistics, forwarding
467 employees
J. Zauerveino g. 18, LT-92122, Klaipėda
2029 € (on paper, GROSS)
Kauno Miesto Socialinių Paslaugų Centras

Kauno Miesto Socialinių Paslaugų Centras, JSC

Kaunas City Social Services Center is a non-stationary social services budgetary institution, financed from the state and Kaunas City Municipality budgets. The owner of the center is Kaunas City Munic...

Projects, project management
223 employees
Partizanų g. 38D, Kaunas
1997 € (on paper, GROSS)
Šakių rajono savivaldybė

Šakių rajono savivaldybė, SE

Šakių district municipality is an administrative-territorial unit in southwestern Lithuania, on the border with the Kaliningrad region. The administrative center is Šakiai.

Public Administration
270 employees
Bažnyčios g. 4, LT-71120, Šakiai
1679 € (on paper, GROSS)
Lietuvos Respublikos finansų ministerija

Lietuvos Respublikos finansų ministerija, SE

The Ministry of Finance is headed by the Minister of Finance. The minister represents Lithuania in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union (ECOFIN), the Eurogroup, and is als...

Public Administration
422 employees
Lukiškių g. 2, LT-01108, Vilnius
2943 € (on paper, GROSS)


UAB "SK Impeks Medicinos diagnostikos centras" was established in 1995. based on the most modern examples of private clinics in North America and Western Europe. The center is one of the pioneers of p...

575 employees
V. Grybo g. 32, LT-10318, Vilnius
2695 € (on paper, GROSS)
Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania

Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania, JSC

Cognizant helps companies modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

Banks, credit services
616 employees
Saltoniškių g. 9B-1, LT-08105, Vilnius
3084 € (on paper, GROSS)


Esame vadybos konsultacijų ir mokymų specialistai, kuriantys vertę savo klientams per strategija paremtus ir efektyviai veikiančius sprendimus. Daugiau nei 20 metų esame patikimi partneriai strategini...

Training, Consultations
20 employees
J. Jasinskio g. 16 B, LT-03163 Vilnius
2753 € (on paper, GROSS)
Kauno rajono savivaldybės administracija

Kauno rajono savivaldybės administracija, SE

Kaunas district municipality administration, mayor and activities.

Public Administration
548 employees
Savanorių pr. 371, LT-49386, Kaunas
2105 € (on paper, GROSS)
Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija

Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija, SE

The Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania is an institution of the Lithuanian government responsible for policy in work and social security. It is headed by the Minister o...

Public Administration
256 employees
A. Vivulskio g. 11, LT-03162, Vilnius
3406 € (on paper, GROSS)
LR švietimo, mokslo ir sporto ministerija

LR švietimo, mokslo ir sporto ministerija, SE

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania is the Ministry of the Government of Lithuania responsible for policy in the fields of education, scientific research, experi...

Public Administration
237 employees
A. Volano g. 2, LT-01124, Vilnius
2865 € (on paper, GROSS)
If P&C Insurance AS filialas | IF draudimas

If P&C Insurance AS filialas | IF draudimas, JSC

We are the largest non-life insurance company in the Northern European region with more than 3.6 million customers. If belongs to the Finnish Sampo Group.

190 employees
T. Narbuto g. 5, LT-08105, Vilnius
3018 € (on paper, GROSS)
Lietuvos žemės ūkio konsultavimo tarnyba

Lietuvos žemės ūkio konsultavimo tarnyba, PE

​Ieškokite išsamios informacijos 720 / 5 000 Vertimo rezultatai Vertimo rezultatas The central office of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service is located in Akademijos town (Kėdainiai distr...

Training, Consultations
393 employees
Stoties g. 5, Akademija, LT-58343, Kėdainių r.
2010 € (on paper, GROSS)
Pieno žvaigždės filialas Pasvalio sūrinė

Pieno žvaigždės filialas Pasvalio sūrinė, JSC

"Pasvalio sūrinė" UAB is a branch of AB "Pieno Žvaigždės" in Kaunas that produces food products from milk.

Food Industry
281 employees
Mūšos g. 14, LT-39104, Pasvalys
1377 € (on paper, GROSS)
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