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Centrinė projektų valdymo agentūra

Centrinė projektų valdymo agentūra, PE

The central project management agency is responsible for the administration of programs and projects financed by the European Union, various international institutions, the state, and other funds in L...

Public Administration
556 employees
S. Konarskio g. 13, LT-03109, Vilnius
2965 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vytautas mineral SPA | SPA Birštonas

Vytautas mineral SPA | SPA Birštonas, JSC

"Vytautas Mineral SPA" is the only spa house of special minerals in the Baltic region, inviting you to enrich your health with the exclusive minerals of the "Sofija" spring at every step. This is not ...

204 employees
Karalienės Barboros al. 2, LT-59202, Birštonas
1643 € (on paper, GROSS)
112 | Bendrasis pagalbos centras (BPC)

112 | Bendrasis pagalbos centras (BPC)

112 is a common contact number throughout the European Union and beyond to report an emergency or sudden threat and to call emergency services such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance. It is fre...

Public Administration
326 employees
Petro Vileišio g. 20A, LT-10302, Vilnius
2072 € (on paper, GROSS)
Abromiškių reabilitacijos ligoninė

Abromiškių reabilitacijos ligoninė, PE

The public institution Abromiškiu Rehabilitation Hospital is a republican public personal health care institution of the national health system of Lithuania, licensed by the State Accreditation Servic...

251 employees
Sanatorijos g. 72, Abromiškių k., LT-26130, Elektrėnai
2089 € (on paper, GROSS)
Western Union Processing Lithuania

Western Union Processing Lithuania, JSC

The Western Union Company - a US financial services and information technology company that provides payment services to residents and businesses in more than 510,000 physical locations in 200 countri...

Information Technology
1282 employees
Juozo Balčikonio g. 9, LT-08247, Vilnius
3026 € (on paper, GROSS)
Valstybinė augalininkystės tarnyba

Valstybinė augalininkystės tarnyba, SE

Plant reproductive material Registration of plant protection products Agrochemistry Plant varieties Research on the quality of crop products Phytosanitary

Public Administration
295 employees
Ozo g. 4A, LT-08200, Vilnius
1927 € (on paper, GROSS)
VDI | LR valstybinė darbo inspekcija

VDI | LR valstybinė darbo inspekcija, SE

State Labor Inspectorate under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. State budgetary institution.

Public Administration
322 employees
Algirdo g. 19, LT-03219, Vilnius
2619 € (on paper, GROSS)
Adakavo socialinių paslaugų namai

Adakavo socialinių paslaugų namai, PE

The public institution Švenčioni District Health Center is a non-profit public health care institution established by the Lithuanian National Health System from the assets and funds of the Švenčioni M...

290 employees
Jono Adakauskio g. 1, Adakavas, LT-73444, Tauragės r.
1657 € (on paper, GROSS)


UAB „Vingės Transsphere logistika“ (VTL) – tai Lietuvos ir Šveicarijos kapitalo logistikos įmonė, įkurta 2005 metais. VTL priklauso logistikos įmonių konsorciumui „Vingės logistikos grupė“, kuri savo ...

Transport, logistics, forwarding
96 employees
Logistikos g. 2, Sausių k., Trakų r., Vilniaus apskr.
1537 € (on paper, GROSS)
Žemės ūkio kooperatyvas "Pienas LT"

Žemės ūkio kooperatyvas "Pienas LT", CS

"Pienas LT" is the largest, open and reliable cooperative of milk producers in the Baltic region, supplying high value-added dairy products to the global market. Since its establishment in 2008 the id...

Food Industry
247 employees
Kokybės g. 1, Biruliškės, LT-54469, Kauno r.
3296 € (on paper, GROSS)


Company has not provided a description

Tourism, travel
108 employees
Gedimino pr. 16, Vilnius
1792 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vilniaus viešasis transportas | VVT

Vilniaus viešasis transportas | VVT, JSC

UAB "Vilniaus viešasis transportas" is a company belonging to the Vilnius city municipality, responsible for the servicing of Vilnius city bus and trolleybus routes, the maintenance of the available v...

Transport, logistics, forwarding
1957 employees
Žolyno g. 15, LT-10209, Vilnius
2179 € (on paper, GROSS)
Kauno technologijos universitetas | KTU

Kauno technologijos universitetas | KTU, PE

KTU is one of the largest technological universities in the Baltic States and one of the most prominent and leading higher education institutions in Lithuania.

Public Administration
1935 employees
K. Donelaičio g. 73, LT-44249, Kaunas
2678 € (on paper, GROSS)
„Lirema“, Lietuvos ir Vokietijos UAB

„Lirema“, Lietuvos ir Vokietijos UAB

Eye surgery clinic "LIREMA" was founded in 2003. In Vilnius. The first in the country to start cataract surgery in a private base, we gradually expanded the range of services by adding laser vision co...

185 employees
Verkių g. 34, LT-08221, Vilnius
3509 € (on paper, GROSS)
LSU | Lietuvos sporto universitetas

LSU | Lietuvos sporto universitetas, PE

The origins of the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) date back to 1934, when the Higher Physical Education Courses (AKKK) were opened, training physical education specialists and providing them with ...

Public Administration
256 employees
Sporto g. 6, LT-44221, Kaunas
2240 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vilniaus miesto apylinkės teismas

Vilniaus miesto apylinkės teismas, SE

From January 1, 2013 instead of the four city district courts operating in Vilnius, there is one - the Vilnius City District Court, which is the first instance that hears cases of criminal, civil, adm...

Public Administration
408 employees
Laisvės pr. 79A, LT-05274, Vilnius
2888 € (on paper, GROSS)
Elektromobilių Sprendimų Centras

Elektromobilių Sprendimų Centras, JSC

UAB Elektromobilių Sprendimų Centras dirba dvejomis kryptimis. Pirmoji - vystome IT platformą elektromobilių įkrovimui "CHRG Network". Antroji - prekiaujame elektromobilių įkrovimo stotelėmis B2C ir B...

Trade, Consulting
3 employees
Gedimino 44A


AMBER DISTRUBUTION LITHUANIA is: COMPANY: the first and largest importer of alcoholic beverages and one of the leading distributors of beverages in Lithuania; EMPLOYER: reliable, desirable and socia...

Sales, Sales Management
301 employees
Metalo g. 2B, Vilnius
2275 € (on paper, GROSS)
SOL Baltics OU Lietuvos filialas

SOL Baltics OU Lietuvos filialas, JSC

"SOL" is an international company offering real estate maintenance and support services, the predecessor of which was founded in 1848 in Finland. SOL is a family company whose values and principles ar...

Environmental care, cleaning
238 employees
Laisvės pr. 3, LT-04215, Vilnius
1191 € (on paper, GROSS)


Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide - an international company, a leader in the market of electronic optical surveillance devices, producing world-renowned PULSAR and YUKON thermal imaging and night visio...

306 employees
Ateities 21c, Vilnius
3154 € (on paper, GROSS)
Mano būstas | Mano Būsto priežiūra

Mano būstas | Mano Būsto priežiūra, JSC

We take care, organize and install advanced technologies so that the feeling of home greets you right at the entrance to the yard. An orderly staircase, a well-kept home environment and energy-saving ...

Security services
226 employees
Ozo g. 12A, LT-08200, Vilnius
1930 € (on paper, GROSS)
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