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Vilniaus Universiteto ligoninės Žalgirio klinika

Vilniaus Universiteto ligoninės Žalgirio klinika, PE

The public institution "Vilnius University Hospital Žalgiris Clinic" is located in the very center of Vilnius, at the intersection of Kalvarijų and Žalgiris Streets. The Žalgiris Clinic of the Vilnius...

304 employees
Žalgirio g. 117-115, LT-08217, Vilnius
1897 € (on paper, GROSS)
Druskininkų sveikatinimo ir poilsio centras AQUA

Druskininkų sveikatinimo ir poilsio centras AQUA, JSC

Water entertainment complex, water attractions, swimming pools, saunas, wellness services. Druskininkai Aqua Park. Druskininkai hospital. Hotel AQUA.

Tourism, travel
404 employees
Vilniaus al. 13-1, LT-66119, Druskininkai
1504 € (on paper, GROSS)
Lietuvos Respublikos Krašto apsaugos ministerija

Lietuvos Respublikos Krašto apsaugos ministerija, SE

The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania is an institution of the Government of Lithuania (Ministry of Defense). Responsible for the development of the national defense system and...

Public Administration
239 employees
Totorių g. 25, LT-01121, Vilnius
3491 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vilniaus gelžbetoninių konstrukcijų gamykla Nr. 3

Vilniaus gelžbetoninių konstrukcijų gamykla Nr. 3, SC

The company has a long tradition of producing prefabricated reinforced concrete (g/b) structures, commercial concrete and mortar. This is evidenced by the company's participation in the construction o...

206 employees
Šaltupio g. 11, LT-02300, Vilnius
1887 € (on paper, GROSS)


LPP LITHUANIA is a part of the LPP Group - an international company successfully operating in the clothing industry. LPP LITHUANIA represents five recognizable brands: RESERVED, Cropp, House, MOHITO a...

506 employees
Juozo Balčikonio g. 3-6A, LT-08247, Vilnius
1253 € (on paper, GROSS)
Agrofirma SĖKLOS | Žalia stotelė | Žaliasis centras

Agrofirma SĖKLOS | Žalia stotelė | Žaliasis centras, JSC

We aim to provide the highest quality products and become a good advisor and like-minded person for every gardener.

237 employees
Smėlio g. 8, LT-10324, Vilnius
1294 € (on paper, GROSS)


Lithuanian National Radio and Television is the public broadcaster of Lithuania. Consists of three radio stations "LRT televizija", "LRT Plus", "LRT Lituanica") and the portal LRT.lt. Live broadcasts ...

663 employees
S. Konarskio g. 49, LT-03123, Vilnius
3026 € (on paper, GROSS)
SPC | Vilniaus miesto socialinių paslaugų centras

SPC | Vilniaus miesto socialinių paslaugų centras, SE

VILNIUS CITY SOCIAL SERVICES CENTER - is a budgetary institution of Vilnius city municipality, assigned to Vilnius city. for the regulatory area of the Social Services Department of the municipal admi...

Public Administration
391 employees
Sausio 13-osios g. 10, LT-04347, Vilnius
2505 € (on paper, GROSS)
Lietuvos Respublikos Vidaus reikalų ministerija

Lietuvos Respublikos Vidaus reikalų ministerija, SE

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania is a government institution responsible for the implementation and coordination of state policy in the areas of public security, migration...

Public Administration
196 employees
Šventaragio g. 2, LT-01510, Vilnius
2846 € (on paper, GROSS)
Kauno miesto savivaldybė | KAUNAS

Kauno miesto savivaldybė | KAUNAS, SE

Kaunas city municipality administration and its contacts. The mayor, the mayor's team, the administration.

Public Administration
653 employees
Laisvės al. 96, LT-44251, Kaunas
3111 € (on paper, GROSS)
VšĮ Vilniaus miesto psichikos sveikatos centras

VšĮ Vilniaus miesto psichikos sveikatos centras, PE

The Vilnius City Mental Health Center is a public institution established by the Vilnius City Municipality. The center provides secondary level psychiatric inpatient, day inpatient, outpatient and psy...

337 employees
Vasaros g. 5, LT-10309, Vilnius
2205 € (on paper, GROSS)
Lietuvos nacionalinis operos ir baleto teatras

Lietuvos nacionalinis operos ir baleto teatras, PE

in 1636 September 4 The first opera performance in Lithuania took place in the theater of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in the Lower Castle. Vilnius became one of the first European capit...

Projects, project management
619 employees
A. Vienuolio g. 1, LT-01104, Vilnius
2005 € (on paper, GROSS)
NDNT | Neįgalumo ir darbingumo nustatymo tarnyba

NDNT | Neįgalumo ir darbingumo nustatymo tarnyba, SE

Service for determination of disability and work capacity. The functions of the service are to help determine the level of incapacity and disability of applicants.

Public Administration
Švitrigailos g. 11E, LT-03228, Vilnius
Lietuvos Respublikos Seimo kanceliarija | Seimas

Lietuvos Respublikos Seimo kanceliarija | Seimas, SE

The Chancellery of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - the Chancellery of the Seimas) is a budgetary institution financed from the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania. The pur...

Public Administration
1117 employees
Gedimino pr. 53, LT-01109, Vilnius
2400 € (on paper, GROSS)
VERT | Valstybinė energetikos reguliavimo taryba

VERT | Valstybinė energetikos reguliavimo taryba, SE

The State Energy Regulatory Council is an independent national regulatory body within the meaning of European Union law, which regulates the activities of economic entities operating in the field of e...

Public Administration
209 employees
Verkių g. 25C-1, LT-08223, Vilnius
3257 € (on paper, GROSS)
LTSA | Lietuvos transporto saugos administracija

LTSA | Lietuvos transporto saugos administracija, SE

LTSA started operating in 2017. December. After the reforms that merged the Lithuanian Safe Shipping Administration, the State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and the State...

Public Administration
225 employees
Švitrigailos g. 42, LT-03209, Vilnius
2272 € (on paper, GROSS)
Continental Autonomous Mobility Lithuania

Continental Autonomous Mobility Lithuania, JSC

Development of autonomous driving technologies.

Information Technology
316 employees
Kauno r. sav., Karmėlavos sen., Sergeičikų I k., Davalgonių g. 12
4852 € (on paper, GROSS)
Šalčininkų rajono savivaldybės administracija

Šalčininkų rajono savivaldybės administracija, SE

Šalčininkai District Municipality is an administrative-territorial unit in southeastern Lithuania, on the border with Belarus. Administrative center - Šalčininkai.

Public Administration
311 employees
Vilniaus g. 49, LT-17116, Šalčininkai
1794 € (on paper, GROSS)
Jonavos Pirminės Sveikatos Priežiūros Centras

Jonavos Pirminės Sveikatos Priežiūros Centras, PE

Public institution Jonava primary health care center (hereinafter - Jonava PSPC) institution code 256739230, the institution is registered at Žeimių st. 19, LT-55134 Jonava in 1997 October 1 It is a ...

224 employees
Žeimių g. 19, LT-55134, Jonava
2242 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vidaus reikalų ministerijos Medicinos centras

Vidaus reikalų ministerijos Medicinos centras, SE

To improve and continuously maintain the state of health of officials serving in internal affairs and other statutory institutions (hereinafter referred to as "officials"), which would meet the requir...

386 employees
Žygimantų g. 8, LT-01102, Vilnius
2016 € (on paper, GROSS)
Valstybės sienos apsaugos tarnyba prie LR VRM

Valstybės sienos apsaugos tarnyba prie LR VRM

The state institution that ensures the protection of the border of Lithuania.

Public Administration
3909 employees
Savanorių pr. 2, LT-03116, Vilnius
2158 € (on paper, GROSS)
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