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Litpersona LT

Litpersona LT, JSC

Litpersona atlieka statybos darbus Danijoje. Šiuo metu spračiai augame, siūlome geras karjeros galimybes ir įdomu darbą su eksporto rinka. Statybos darbuotojams ir statybos komandoms, mes tiekiame s...

48 employees
Perkūnkiemio g. 4a, Vilnius
883.1 € (on paper, GROSS)
Affidea Lietuva

Affidea Lietuva, JSC

Affidea is Europe's leading provider of advanced diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, operating in 280 centers in 15 European countries.

1057 employees
Savanorių pr. 184, LT-44150, Kaunas
1946.86 € (on paper, GROSS)
Kinze Europe

Kinze Europe, JSC

Kinze is agricultural machinery company established by Jon Kinzebaw in 1965 and is still owned by the Kinzebaw family. Kinze manufactures planting and harvesting equipment (row crop planters, grain c...

67 employees
Guopstų kel. 17, Guopstos, LT-21148, Trakų r.
2993.09 € (on paper, GROSS)

Cosmoway, JSC

The company started its activities in 2012 from the body care products’ creation for the foreign markets, various international brands. At the moment, COSMOWAY actively manufactures face, body, hair a...

65 employees
Ežero g. 44, Piliuonos k., LT-53182, Kauno r.
1949.75 € (on paper, GROSS)

Trelo, JSC

Since 2010, Trelo has been offering its customers truck and trailer repair services and providing technical assistance to carriers on the road. Our range of services is extremely wide: computer diagno...

Cars, automotive industry
211 employees
Savanorių pr. 178A, LT-03154, Vilnius
3033.69 € (on paper, GROSS)
DPD Lietuva

DPD Lietuva, JSC

"DPD Lietuva - esame siuntų pristatymo lyderiai Lietuvoje, tarptautinės kompanijos „DPDgroup“ dalis. Kviečiame prisijungti prie mūsų veržlios ir profesionalios komandos"

Transport, logistics, forwarding
416 employees
Terminalo 7, Biruliškių kaimas, Kauno raj.
1957.84 € (on paper, GROSS)

Headex, JSC

Headex Group was founded in Vilnius in 2003. From the very beginning, our aim has always been to enable our clients to flexibly plan their human resource, taking changing market conditions into accoun...

Personnel Management
2395 employees
Švitrigailos 11B, Vilnius
1256.1 € (on paper, GROSS)

Cgates, JSC

UAB "Cgates" is the second largest provider of fixed internet and pay TV services in Lithuania, with more than 160,000 subscribers. Constantly growing, Cgates provides interactive, digital cable and t...

Electronics, electrical engineering
230 employees
Ukmergės g. 120, LT-08105, Vilnius
2329.43 € (on paper, GROSS)
Top shop | Studio Moderna

Top shop | Studio Moderna, JSC

Studio Moderna Group is a multi-channel, multi-brand and direct-to-consumer retailer with operations mainly throughout Central and Eastern Europe. in 2011 Studio Moderna introduced Octaspring technolo...

178 employees
Laisvės pr. 10, LT-04215, Vilnius
1651.71 € (on paper, GROSS)

Ageseta, JSC

"Ageseta", UAB is one of the largest companies managing a chain of footwear stores in Lithuania. Trade in A&G, Gino Rossi, Rieker footwear.

Trade, Consulting
96 employees
Varpo g. 28A
1232.64 € (on paper, GROSS)
VAGOS prekyba

VAGOS prekyba, JSC

UAB "VAGOS prekyba" was founded in 1997, after the separation of the commercial division from the publishing house VAGA, which took over the distribution of bookstores and 4 separate bookstores. Today...

117 employees
Gedimino pr. 50, LT-01110, Vilnius
893.03 € (on paper, GROSS)

Pristis, JSC

Pristis, one of the largest engineering systems installation and maintenance companies in the Baltic States More than 600 objects are in operation

28 employees
Ukmergės g. 283A, LT-06313, Vilnius
2787.53 € (on paper, GROSS)
Promo vero

Promo vero, JSC

UAB "Promo vero", a rapidly growing company whose main activity is the production of GPS watches for children. Having evaluated the available experience and future prospects for export in the market o...

Trade, Consulting
12 employees
Konstitucijos pr. 26, LT-08105, Vilnius
2398.49 € (on paper, GROSS)


Our success story began 29 years ago, when we opened the first IKI store, which was successful due to its exceptional range and high-quality products. Currently, IKI is the second largest retail chain...

5467 employees
Lentvario g. 33, Vilnius
1397.99 € (on paper, GROSS)
SEB bankas

SEB bankas, SC

SEB Bank is the local market leader in terms of key banking services offered to over a million customers all over Lithuania

Banks, credit services
1474 employees
Konstitucijos pr. 24, LT-08105, Vilnius
3136.85 € (on paper, GROSS)
Robotikos akademija

Robotikos akademija, PE

No. 1 Technological education institution in Lithuania LEGO, robotics, programming, creativity and positive habits - in one place!

Public Administration
52 employees
Kęstučio g. 47, LT-08124, Vilnius
2943.93 € (on paper, GROSS)

15Min, JSC

15min is one of the largest news sites in Lithuania. The hottest news and news from Lithuanian cities and regions, special research and commentary, business, sports, entertainment news and reviews.

126 employees
Saltoniškių g. 9B-1, LT-08105, Vilnius
3114.67 € (on paper, GROSS)
Vėjo projektai

Vėjo projektai, JSC

We are UAB "Vėjo projektai", a group of companies that develops and manufactures Lithuanian electric buses DANCER. It is the first company in Lithuania that has acquired the status of a vehicle manufa...

63 employees
Pramonės g. 8, LT-94102, Klaipėda
2059.25 € (on paper, GROSS)


FIMA is a leading smart infrastructure solutions company in the Baltic Sea region, participating in the most significant public and private infrastructure modernization projects for almost 30 years.

155 employees
Žirmūnų g. 139, LT-09120, Vilnius
3179.45 € (on paper, GROSS)
Danske Bank A/S Lietuvos filialas

Danske Bank A/S Lietuvos filialas, JSC

We have gathered 4,200 colleagues in the "Danske Bank" team in Lithuania: each of them is different in their own way, clever, inventive, open and at the same time results-oriented. Using each other's ...

Banks, credit services
4646 employees
Saltoniškių g. 7B, LT-08105, Vilnius
3166.49 € (on paper, GROSS)
Delamode Baltics

Delamode Baltics, JSC

Delamode Baltics is a division of Xpediator Plc, one of the largest international freight forwarding companies. We are reliable logistics partners, we have a developed logistics network, through which...

Transport, logistics, forwarding
558 employees
Eigulių g. 2, LT-03150, Vilnius
2726.79 € (on paper, GROSS)
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