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1 year ago

Have you ever wondered how much of city dwellers' lives are wasted in traffic jams? It's hard to answer this question with accuracy, but we can assure you that you won't face this problem if you live in Šiauliai. Once you get to Šiauliai, you'll see that queues at traffic lights are only momentary, disappearing instantly when the traffic lights turn green. As the fourth most populous city in Lithuania, Šiauliai boasts not only smooth traffic flow, but also well-developed construction, manufacturing and transport services. You can be sure that thanks to the abundance of companies in these sectors, it will not be difficult to find a potential job in Šiauliai in the construction, manufacturing or transport services sectors. However, before embarking on any new phase of life, it is important to think about what it might bring, so for those who are thinking about living and working in Šiauliai, we provide you with the most important information on the most in-demand jobs in the construction, transport services and manufacturing sectors, the expected salary levels in the city, and some general information on the activities carried out in the mentioned sectors.

The first most developed and fastest growing sector in Šiauliai is construction. Why is it so, you may ask? The answer is simple, the construction sector in Šiauliai currently has more than 450 registered companies and a large number of different types of jobs. Construction activities provide a wide range of services that are vital not only for the growth of Šiauliai, or for the growth of Lithuania as a whole, but for the growth of any country in general. Work in Šiauliai, in the construction sector, covers a wide range of processes related to the installation of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities. Typically, these processes start with planning, financing and detailed design and last until the facility is built and ready for use. Construction companies in Šiauliai also carry out repairs and can offer services such as document preparation, individual consultations on construction issues you may be concerned about, or even rental of construction tools and machinery if you would like to carry out the construction process of your own property by yourself. The quality of these services requires people with different competences, and specifically in Šiauliai, the following three professions are currently considered to be the most in-demand in the construction sector:

1. Engineers. In the construction sector, these professionals are usually responsible for supervising the design and construction process. In other words, engineers work to ensure that all projects comply with construction industry standards and safety regulations. They may also help design infrastructure systems such as roads or dams. Engineers work in Šiauliai usually has a monthly salary ranging from 900 to 1600 euros after taxes.

2. Construction managers. People working in this position plan, coordinate and manage all phases of construction projects from start to finish. They oversee project schedules and delegate tasks to their team to ensure that each phase of construction is carried out according to the plan. The monetary value of such work in Šiauliai varies from 1150 to 2000 euros per month after taxes.

3. Construction workers of various profiles. If you have ever considered becoming a construction worker, you should keep in mind that this job requires not only physical strength and the ability to use different types of tools safely and efficiently, but also tolerance and patience, as it may require working in extreme temperatures or other adverse weather conditions. The monetary value of such work in Šiauliai varies from 850 to 2000 euros per month after taxes.

Another sector that is also well developed in Šiauliai is transport services. These services include the transportation of various types of cargo, people and animals from one place to another by land, water and air. Work in Šiauliai in the transport companies is carried out both locally and internationally, and often includes services such as freight forwarding and storage. At the moment the most in-demand positions in transport companies in Šiauliai involve:

1. Drivers. Although it is often said that only men can drive, well actually women are gradually taking up drivers' jobs. In fact, the job has no gender requirements, the most important thing is to be able to drive a vehicle, to have years of experience reflecting in your driving record, and to take care of your own and cargo safety. Drivers work in Šiauliai are usually paid between 750 and 1500 euros per month after taxes.

2. Forwarding managers. An alternative way to describe this position is as supply chain management experts, whose aim is to communicate with carriers and customers in order to find the most convenient and safest way to transport the cargo to its destination. This type of work in Šiauliai usually has a monthly salary ranging from 900 to 2000 euros after taxes.

Another area that could also be classified as one of the fastest growing and most developed sectors in Šiauliai is manufacturing. People working in this field are responsible for developing new products from raw materials or components. These products can be very diverse, including food, drinks, clothing, textile products, furniture, metal products, wood products, paper products, etc. More than 300 registered companies in the manufacturing sector in Šiauliai also produce a wide range of goods for consumers. Currently, the manufacturing of furniture, metal products, meat products, confectionery, bicycles, plastic and aluminium windows are the dominant fields among the companies’ recruiting workers in Šiauliai, and the two most in-demand jobs in the manufacturing sector in Šiauliai are the ones mentioned below:

1. Production foremen. People working in this position supervise the day-to-day operations and workflow of the production process in a manufacturing company. They may also be responsible for the management of one department in a manufacturing company, or even a whole team of workers. Obviously, this profession requires not only knowledge of the equipment used and its management, but also the ability to plan time, organise and delegate work. Typical salaries of production foremen's work in Šiauliai range from 800 to 1500 euros per month after taxes.

2. Upholsterers. As you might guess, people working in this profession are responsible for covering/upholstering furniture, in other words attaching the furniture frame to its padding, fabric or leather upholstery. In addition to making new furniture, upholsterers can also give old furniture a new lease of life. Typical salaries of upholsterer’s work in Šiauliai range from 700 to 1600 euros per month after taxes.

Taking a look at the three most developed and expanding areas of Šiauliai, we can see that work in Šiauliai in the construction, manufacturing and transport services sectors currently pay quite well for the most in-demand positions, all salaries exceed the minimum monthly wage set by the state, and for professionals who are skilled in their work and have a solid track record of experience, Šiauliai can offer a wage that is twice as high as the average wage. This makes Šiauliai the ideal choice for those enthusiasts in the construction, manufacturing and transport services sectors who are not only willing to work, but also to improve their skills and thereby enjoy a solid salary.

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