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3 years ago

It's no secret that each of us wants to find a job where we can work for more than a few months and feel good at work, do what we know how to do best, and for the employer to treat us properly.

Choosing the right employer requires doing your "homework" - in other words, checking certain things about the company, its culture, managers, team, finances, etc.

Here you will find criteria that are worth paying attention to before starting to work for a particular company. There are several sources that are worth using when you want to check information about a potential employer. This is https://en.lovejob.lt/reviews, Google.com, Facebook.com, the website of a specific company, other possible data from sources.

- Staff turnover. If there is a turnover of employees (jumping between the number is frequent), this may be a sign that it is difficult to work in the company, promises are not what they really are, or employers simply do not know how to choose the right employees. Almost all company catalogs (okredo.com, rekvizitai.lt, lovejob.lt, etc.) show the change in employees.

- Salary delays for Sodra. If they are constant, it is worth thinking about whether it will be the case that you will have to wait for your earned money.

- Reviews about the company. You can read the reviews left on the Internet and if most of them are similar, it is likely that the problems in the company are obvious, but it is much smarter to ask from people who have worked or are working. Sometimes feedback in the public space is not accurate and correct. Also, sometimes other competitors like to write about the company, thus trying to undermine the company's image on the market, or simply people who are more sensitive (weaker) leave their comments. And sometimes companies pay money to certain portals so that the latter cancel or clear some of the complaints and reviews from the system, so if there are no comments about the company - this can also be a certain signal that the comments were deleted artificially... When talking to former employees again, evaluate it objectively, if you ask an employee who has been working in the company for several years and he says that everything is bad, it is obvious that he is lying a little, because "what the hell is he working there then?". ☺

- Average wage. If it is significantly lower than in other companies with a similar profile, it is a sign that either the company pays money in envelopes or is uncompetitive in the market. Also, assess whether the salary reaches at least the minimum stipulated by the state, because sometimes employees are employed part-time, although they have to work full-time.

- The company's website and the information it contains. Based on this, you will see what the company does more specifically and what value you will create for the company.

- Company profit and turnover data. You can see them in the Abalt.lt system. If the turnover of the company is decreasing, it is a sign that something is not right in the company. Profit data is also important - if the company has been operating at a loss (EBIT) line in the Abalt.lt system for several years - there is a high probability that the company is going through difficult times and such a company will probably be restructured or sold, or even go bankrupt after some time.

Profit data also show other aspects - if the company is extremely profitable, but the employees are paid the minimum (or an amount similar to the minimum) - this may be a sign that the employees are simply being exploited in order to make the shareholders live better...

- And finally, meeting with the manager(s), value issues, communication style, etc. This is usually seen during the first meetings and it can be said to be the most important component, because if the values and attitudes do not match during the meetings, there is a very high probability that they will not match when starting work.

Remember - there is no house without smoke, so you won't find an ideal option and you probably shouldn't look for one, but if there is so much smoke that the house is already on fire, and maybe even the roof or walls are already burnt - consider whether you really want to live in a "burning house" and " burn together"?..

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