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2 years ago

The search for jobs and candidates is rapidly modernising, but finding the right candidate is becoming more and more difficult. It seems that you are actively looking for an employee, place ads, buy advertising, but there is still no suitable candidate. Why? The reasons may vary, but first we recommend that you review your advertisement/job ad to see if it is attractive to a future employee. Here are some key points to look out for:

Position title. In this place, less is more (but not too little). Define the position of the job as clearly as possible in the title. When searching for a job (especially on ad portals), jobseekers search for keywords such as: salesperson; lawyer, etc., so include at least one primary keyword in the title. The same applies to abbreviations of position names, if you are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer, it is better to indicate in the ad as if you are writing a CMO only you may lose some candidates who just will not be searching for job ads with that keyword. Also, do not write that it's a junior position if you want a person with 2+ years of experience in that particular field.

Nature/description of the work. Here, write only the basic functions that the employee will perform. Avoid excessive and self-explanatory features. In this way, you can scare the future employee that he will immediately have to attack to fulfill a thousand requirements (of course, if they are important and necessary for work, include them). However, any other functions that an employee may ever have to perform can be brought up during the job interview.

Business language. Avoid business/technical jargon, especially if the words used in the ad are not directly related to the job position.

Candidate advantages. Do not write that competence is an "advantage" if, you do not plan to accept a candidate without it. Of course, there should not be advantages of sex/nationality/race, etc.

Advantages of the company. Workwear, water, coffee, or tea is not an advantage of the company. It is the norm. If your company does not have attractive "improvements" for an employee (e.g., life insurance; gym subscription, free lunch, etc.) try to at least describe the existing ones in an attractive way.

Reward. If the remuneration offered by your company consists mainly of bonuses and the fixed remuneration is not particularly attractive, try to describe as clearly as possible what the salary supplement will consist of. If possible, specify in your ad the average salary of the position to which you are looking for an employee.

Company information. Add as clear information about the company as possible – it can be a short history of the creation of the company, photos of the workplace/team, the logo of the company, the main values that you follow. Also it can be the current activity of your area, etc.

Candidacy. Try to simplify the candidacy process. Of course, tasks/tests to determine an employee's motivation and abilities are useful and can certainly reveal useful information, but do not overdo it with these things. For future employees, explain why they will have to face one or another stage of recruitment - justify your actions.

In conclusion, these points may not ensure that you will find the right employee right now. However, once you have processed your job offer, the opportunity to find the most suitable candidate will increase significantly.

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