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2 years ago

Generation Z is a new entrant to the labor market, very different from previous generations. It is important for business leaders to know what is unique about this generation in order to create an attractive work space for them. Here are some tips that can help you motivate Z to get more involved and interested in working: 1. Strive to create a friendly environment in which there is no hierarchy of employees and no official distance between managers and lower-level employees. Generation Z, sometimes referred to as the informal generation, can lead to a tense environment between managers and Generation Z employees, which has a detrimental effect on an employee’s psychological condition and encourages negative attitudes toward activities. 2. Give them feedback on the quality of their work. Generation Z wants to hear your views and get regular feedback on how they are doing and what areas they can improve on. This will make them feel valued and motivate them to be better. By communicating your expectations, you will encourage Generation Z candidates to perform the job tasks according to their requirements. 3. Give them opportunities for career growth and professional development. Generation Z candidates want a job that can meet their needs to improve and grow. They are ambitious and want to move up the career ladder, so a promising company with a variety of career growth and professional development offers has a better chance of getting a Z-generation representative to work in their organization. 4. Give them a chance to compete with each other. Generation Z is particularly competitive because it aspires to be the best in a variety of fields. Competition, in other words, is their "engine". Use gamification to create opportunities to compete. Gaming is the adaptation of the principles of the game, the integration of points or equal scales, in non-traditional contexts. To incorporate gaming into your work environment, you can award points for good employee achievement that are visible not only to themselves but to the entire team. In this way, competition would be encouraged, which could help to interest and motivate Generation Z people to work more efficiently. 5. Integrate technology into the work environment. Generation Z’s relationship with technology is special. It is an integral part of their lifestyle, so Generation Z hopes that technology will also be integrated into the workspace. You can make Generation Z more interested in working for your company by redesigning your work environment by integrating console games or virtual reality goggles. This will create a more playful atmosphere that will allow employees to relax. We hope these tips will help you attract new Generation Z employees and meet their needs by encouraging them to become more involved in the job and love your job.

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