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3 years ago

Work is a part of life for most of us, without which life would not be valuable. Work is both self-realization and career opportunities and certainly a source of income or livelihood. Each of us works according to our abilities, needs, expectations. Some people like the job they work more, others less, and others may not like it at all.

But we feel the real situation when we lose our job. Losing a job is faster for some, slower for others but the need to find a new one comes by itself. However, we are not only looking for a job when we do not have it. Many of us are looking for a better job even when we are working. So how do you find a job?

- Create a professional CV. You can use paid templates, many of which can be found online. Available free of charge. You can create something of your own. Free templates save you money and are often more versatile. Some free templates also allow you to upload your resume with the help of a link and disable the link at any time to make your resume invisible. The Lovejob.lt system also has this possibility. Here you can choose from the three templates you like best and store your CV in a database, download it to your computer or share it with potential employers just by link. How to create the right CV read our next article on creating a CV.

- Prioritize which work is pleasant to your heart and worthy of your values.

- Define financial expectations. Check with the selection agencies to find out what the average salaries are for specific positions.

- Go through the main job posting databases and send your CV to the employers you like.

- Select better known, more reliable selection / recruitment agencies, contact them and send your CV to them with information to look for a new job.

- Select the companies you would like to work for by size, name, reviews. Send them your resume, even if they are not currently looking for employees.

- After sending your CV do not be lazy to call and ask whether the representatives of the company or the agencies if they received your CV.

- Create your profile on the social network Linkedin.

- Consult with former colleagues, managers who can give feedback and recommendations about you and your work.

- After sending your CV and receiving an invitation to a job interview, be sure to inquire about the details of the company (do your homework), as such a discussion usually takes place during the interview.

- Listen to what the selection agency's representatives or employers are saying to you to see how valuable and systematic you are to each other. Dont be afraid to discuss, ask questions, because only a full conversation brings real benefits.

- Keep your promises. If you promised to do a task - do it, even if you got another job in another company, because otherwise you look unprofessional.

- Don't be afraid to express your opinion if you feel that certain conditions or suggestions are unacceptable to you.

- If you decide not to attend the interview - inform the agency or company representative, as not informing you in the future may lead to a negative opinion of you as an irresponsible candidate.

- Don't be late for a job interview.

- Try to maintain a more solid style of clothing (especially when it comes to office work positions).

- Do not use swear words or other rude actions during the conversation.

- At the end of the interview, agree on the next steps in the selection and what further steps you will need to take.

By following these steps, we are sure that you will increase your chances of finding the right job faster a few times or even a dozen times. So good luck in your search. Try, do it and you will succeed

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