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EXAMPLES OF CVs: which highlights are important for the employer?

2 years ago

After reviewing the key information that should be described on your resume, the most important thing now is to decide what format would be most appropriate for presenting this information. There are 5 main types of curriculum vitae: chronological (traditional) curriculum vitae, functional (skills-based) curriculum vitae, combined curriculum vitae, targeted curriculum vitae and short curriculum vitae. Each type has its pros and cons, so let’s take a brief look at when and what type of resume might be helpful for you. A chronological resume is a document that lists the history and achievements of your work in reverse chronological order. This means that the most recent job is listed first, followed by all previous positions, and finally the earliest (usually no more than 10 years). The chronological curriculum vitae also lists your education, usually followed by your skills and other qualifications. Use it best when your career history shows significant growth and progress and when you are seeking employment in the same field in which you now work or have worked in the past. This type of CV will not be suitable if you have no or little work experience, have changed jobs frequently, or have not been in the job market recently. A functional resume focuses on your skills and abilities, not your work history. The purpose of a functional resume is to prove to the reader that you are capable of performing the duties required in the job you are applying for. A functional resume begins with a comprehensive review of your professional skills and qualifications. Typically, each entry is followed by a list that briefly explains how you have successfully used the skills in the workplace. All certificates, degrees, and licenses are listed together in the functional resume. Most functional resumes also have a section on work history, but it is usually short and follows your skills. This type of curriculum vitae is most suitable for use if the last period of life is t. y. you have not worked anywhere for the last year or more, when you change careers, if you do not have much work experience and if you change jobs frequently and have many short-term positions, or if you have relevant non-work experience, but this experience could be important to fill the desired position. The combined CV is the most suitable format for CVs for highly qualified jobseekers with previous work experience. It is called combined because it combines the most important features of a functional and chronological CV format. The combined curriculum vitae provides a comprehensive, categorized section of skills. After each category, there are points that illustrate how you have put this skill into practice in the work environment. In addition, the combined curriculum vitae has a chronological section on work experience. A targeted curriculum vitae is a curriculum vitae tailored to a specific job. Its content consists of a standard curriculum vitae with skills and work experience. The targeted curriculum vitae emphasizes the skills and experience required to hold a specific position. It is best used when you want to get a job in a competitive position. A short resume is a short summary of your work history and sometimes a biography. Although this type of resume is rarely used for employment, having a mini resume is still helpful. Reviewing all types of resume remains another important step until the end of CV creation. In order to make the creation of a CV a little less time, it would be best to choose a sample CV in which the information described above can be added. You probably already know that CV samples are divided into two types: paid and free. Prices for paid CV samples range from 1 to 7 euros. Given that a wide selection of free resume samples is available online, the question probably arises as to whether taxed resume samples are worth your investment? Although opinions may differ on this issue, there are no significant differences between paid and free CV samples. Therefore, in this CV creation journey, we will focus more on analyzing free CV templates. Free CV samples are available online in two ways: by creating your CV on CV creation platforms and at the same time using the CV templates offered there, or by downloading them from websites and editing them on your computer. Free CV samples offered online can be of different types: creative, modern, optimized for ATS systems, and prepared in different languages. Most Lithuanian websites also offer examples of targeted type CVs, e.g. financial analyst, customer service specialist, assistant director, administrator, programmer, business development manager and many more. Free resume samples are quite similar in design, but occasionally, resume samples in different designs are offered when creating your resume. Although the selection of CVs is infinitely wide, in terms of their content, the free sample CVs that are easily available online are very similar, and you always want to be noticed and stand out when applying for any position. No problem, because we can find one website on the Internet, where you can add values and developed competencies that are relevant to you as a person when creating your CV with the help of a unique option. This is really useful information that will allow the employer to get to know you as a potential employee much better. This site also offers 3 different CV samples. They all provide completed information on work experience, education, courses and seminars automatically in reverse chronological order. So, there is no need to worry when creating a CV, as the information will be provided immediately in the same way as employers accustomed to reading it. In addition, creating a CV on this site generates a unique link for each user, making sharing your resume extremely easy and secure. In addition to the necessary information that should be provided on your CV listed above, this site also offers you information that is likely to be relevant to any employer about your areas of work and responsibilities and your preferred salary. If you have a question: what is this website called? Don't worry - it's a secret we’re really not going to keep. You can try all the CV creation functions described here completely free of charge - on the lovejob.lt job search platform. Don't hesitate - renew yourself now and discover yourself in a new and beloved job!

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