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Home Advices CAREER CONSULTANT'S ADVICE: How to Become an Active Participant in the Job Market?

CAREER CONSULTANT'S ADVICE: How to Become an Active Participant in the Job Market?

3 weeks ago

Author: Jūratė Jurginytė, career & leadership couch | Prasmingi pokyčiai | 

Interesting statistics and insights I found in an article from "Verslo Žinios" on May 4, 2024, prompted me to share this relevant topic with you – qualification enhancement and career opportunities.

According to the article, only one in three Lithuanians have been enhancing their qualifications in recent years, and at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, qualification improvement was significantly more relevant, but this enthusiasm has since declined.

The main reasons why people do not enhance their qualifications are:

1. Lack of time and motivation. Many people feel busy with work and personal life, making it difficult for them to find time to learn new things. Additionally, some may not feel motivated to enhance their qualifications if they don't believe it will increase their income or career prospects.

2. Lack of information and financial opportunities. Not everyone knows what qualification enhancement opportunities are available to them. Moreover, some may lack the financial means to pay for courses or other forms of qualification improvement.

3. Discrepancy between labor market needs and the education system's offerings. Sometimes the labor market lacks specialists with certain skills, but the education system does not adequately prepare people to acquire these skills.

Qualification enhancement is crucial to remain competitive in the job market, and it can help you:

• Earn higher income;

• Obtain better job positions;

• Stay relevant in the job market;

• Increase your job satisfaction.

Here are some tips on how to enhance your qualifications:

• Define your career goals and determine what qualifications you need to achieve them.

• Seek information about available qualification enhancement opportunities.

• Talk to your employer about opportunities to enhance your qualifications.

• Take advantage of government support programs aimed at qualification improvement.

Qualification enhancement is an investment in yourself that can bring significant benefits in the future.



Sources: Gutauskaitė, I. (2024, Gegužės 4). Pastaruoju metu kvalifikaciją kėlė tik kas trečias gyventojas. Verslo žinios. https://www.vz.lt/verslo-valdymas/2024/05/04/pastaruoju-metu-kvalifikacija-kele-tik-kas-trecias-gyventojas


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