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„Ignitis gamyba“
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„Ignitis gamyba“, SC

„Ignitis gamyba“

"Ignitis gamyba" manages and develops the largest power generation capacities in Lithuania - the Kruonis hydroaccumulation power plant, the Combined cycle unit and the reserve power plant in the Elektrėnai complex, the Kaunas hydroelectric power plant and the third thermal power plant in Vilnius. In the Elektrėnai complex, the company also produces heat energy for the city of Elektrėnai, Kietaviški greenhouses and other users, as well as for its own needs. "Ignitis gamyba" helps to ensure the safety and reliability of the energy systems of the entire Baltic and Nordic region and contributes to a historic energy change - the synchronization of the three Baltic states with the continental European power grid system. Electricity produced in the power plants managed by "Ignitis Gamybos" is traded on the international "Nord Pool" electricity exchange. In addition, according to the contract with the transmission system operator Litgrid AB, the company sells balancing electricity and provides additional services.

Company manager

Rimgaudas Kalvaitis

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4075 € (on paper, GROSS)

Turnover 2022 y.

534 819 000 €

Grynasis pelnas 2022 y.

156 106 000 €

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Company code 302648707
VAT code LT100006256115
Address Elektrinės g. 21, LT-26108, Elektrėnai


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