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"Inter Cars Lietuva"

Artur Ilkevič company manager

Company manager

Artur Ilkevič is evaluated good 80% (1 review)

Artur Ilkevič is "Inter Cars Lietuva", JSC company manager.

His rating is

This ranking is made up of 1 vote(-s) cast by former and current employees of the company.

is located at: Titnago g. 6, LT-02300, Vilnius, with 76 employee(-s) currently working in the company.

Average salary at the moment at this company is 3098 Eur/month (on paper, GROSS).

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Reviews about the company manager Artur Ilkevič

2023-06-20 08:04:31

4, nes visada yra kur tobulėti :)

Company evaluation

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