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Work of a chef in

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Total: 1
2024-06-14 1050 EUR
exp. 23 d. 2024-05-15

Draugiška "ISS Lietuva" komanda kviečia prisijungti prie maitinimo padalinio komandos VIRĖJĄ, kuris (-i) bus atsakingas už DIENOS PIETŲ, maisto renginiams gamybą. Galimos darbo vietos: Saltoniškių g....

Food, restaurants, bars, cafes
From: 1050 up to 1250 Eur (After taxes, net)

Work of a chef in

Food industry - new employees are needed. A chef is required. Job offers for a chef, work for chefs, confectionery work. Required staff: chef, cook, butcher.

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